Friday Feb 14th

Hey it's Valentine's Day. Neat. Melissa and I don't really do anything. We often just share a sentiment and go about our day. We're not much to fall into consumer based holidays, especially regarding each other. She left me a note etched into the snow that I discovered when I went to the gym this morning which was really sweet. It had also been trampled by bunnies in the night, but the intent was still visibly clear and loving. In other news, I heard back about the internship yesterday and I got it! I'm very pleased and excited and most assuredly nervous. One of the first things I did after receiving the news was book an appointment with Kate to chat through some things. I also scored tickets for Rage Against The Machine in Toronto at the end of July. They were far more than I've ever spent on a concert, but I consider it a celebratory purchase and a potentially once in a lifetime opportunity. Some things are really impossible to pass up.

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