Monday Jan 27th

Fucking hell. 3 days gone. Can't go back to them but I'll at least pour out some of my drink for their memory. We had a pop-up office on Friday, and then went to the spa on Saturday, returning late in the day Sunday. Not excuses, just reasons. So here we are Monday morning picking back up.

Two paragraphs!? What a time to be alive. This morning I'm getting the ball rolling on my Ruby assignment with a large PR for Jesse to review. I'm taking in the new Caspian album again. This will be the first uninterrupted time (external distractions permitting). I don't have a lot on the go today, but will be calling my Mudder this afternoon to discuss the preliminary steps of buying a house. We're looking to purchase something this summer, and as neither of us have ever done it, and it's an exceptionally daunting task, I'm going to lean on the resources available to me to help clarify some of the muck. It's incredibly stressful for me, but if I can't act my age by now, when can I?

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