Thursday Feb 6th

Ok, so in its simplest form. It feels like yesterday went well. I had a lot of nerves going into the 2 tech interviews, but feel I performed well enough. There are areas that the more I look back on the more I regret how I answered or actions I took. Taking them and examining them they look worse than they do against the entirety of the afternoon, so maybe they're not as bad as I'm making them out to be. As I promised myself before sitting down, I would be honest about my nerves, I would explain my thought processes and what I was looking for, and I would have fun and ask questions. I can say with absolute certainty that I accomplished those goals, so in the end I can feel good about that, regardless of if I feel good about the outcome or not.

Sometime today I'll be touching base to see if they've made a decision. I hope they have.

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