Thursday Jan 30th

Busted my ass at the gym today. Came up with a new way to increase the intensity of my 45 minute cardio day walks. I start at 3% grade and every 5 minutes I increase it by 0.5%. It keeps me attentive to the time and finding a reason to acknowledge the time moving forward, and it continues the build in intensity through to the end. I'm also trying to kick it up .1 in the speed every time it feels like I'm moving too slowly. This left ending at 7% grade today going 3.8mph. Aside from my Fitbit being an asshole and just ignoring the fact that my heart was racing for a bit (seems to get sweaty and needs to be taken off, wiped, wipe my wrist, re-affix and wait a bit), I really burned a ton of shit. It was a good one.

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