Tuesday Feb 11th

(note: I actually did write this on Tuesday but left it hidden, so the date is fucked)

TUESDAY!? Fuck me I shit the bed hard on the last few days, which is a shame because I actually had stuff to say and planned on sitting down and writing out a full post. It's not a habit I plan on keeping, but let's just run through the last few days in their own paragraphs.

Saturday - Went and saw my counsellor and chatted through some of the current anxieties I've been riddled with. Came up with some reasonable thoughts and decided that I'll head back to chat more in a couple weeks. The full blog post I planned on was after this meeting. "On breaking publicly". Look for it eventually.

Sunday - Headed up to Ottawa for a few days (still there) for a company event. Put up in a fancy hotel which is always a treat. Ate a bunch of food from SkipTheDishes because it's available. Generally uneventful otherwise.

Monday - The event day. It was a good time and I took a fucking ton of steps by the end of it (something in the neighbourhood of 19,000). My feet hurt when I woke up this morning, but it was a good time and really neat to be a part of the experience in person.

Yeah...caught up. Last full day in Ottawa. Going to dinner tonight with a couple friends, working half a day tomorrow internally, then driving home. See you then.

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