Wednesday Feb 12th

So here we are, back at home. Unfortunately, still uncertain of my intern future. But that's ok. I'm trying to be less shitty to myself, and accepting uncertainty without diving into my own head to consider every negative aspect of myself and potential failing I've had along the way is a good thing to be mindful of. The last few days in Ottawa were great. Got to hang out with some friends, learn some cool ass shit, and continue my drive towards my goals. No ragrets. Oh, actually, my fucking footwear choice is a regret. My regular shoes are basically garbage by now and I need to get something that I can walk around in slushy weather in, and then change into something more appropriate if I'm going to be working in an office. Just some nice slip-on type shoes. My feet got mighty uncomfortable, either by walking in damp shoes that got my socks damn, or by just walking too much in shoes that aren't great for long-term walking.

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