Wednesday Feb 5th

In a little over an hour I'll be sitting down for my first of 2 tech interviews for my internship. Just writing that raised my anxiety. I'm going to do well and exceed the expectation of me and the experience for both people doing these interviews. I'm convincing myself of that, whether it sounds believable or not. I know the processes and steps I want to take. I know I need to ask questions and explain my thought process. If I'm unsure, asking questions instead of saying "I don't get it" is the way to go. When I start considering a problem I'm going to stop and convince myself I'm building the final product ahead of building the proper component pieces. I'm truly going to convince myself I'm looking at each problem with each individual piece of it in mind. I'm going to work towards being engaging and have fun with it. I will let my personality be the appearance of the ship while my ability to code, troubleshoot, and figure out problems will be the navigator. I will put my intelligent brain to work and take cues and advice from my emotional brain. Not the other way around.

I will be better off for this experience, not worse. The people I'm meeting with don't want me to fail at any part of this and will work to ensure my success. If I'm unsuccessful, it's not the end of the world. I have every tool needed to succeed and every tool needed if I fail. I will be fine.

Deep breath

(sorry this is more than a paragraph)

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