Wednesday Jan 22nd

Yesterday turned out to be a great one overall. While it was probably one of the least productive days I've had in quite some time in terms of actual work accomplished, the social and networking successes can't be understated. I met with 2 leads and had great conversations towards obtaining a Tour of Duty, and actually stumbled across the effective head of the line I'm in and was able to line up another meeting with someone well above my intended level of conversations based simply on his word. It feels a bit strange to have that kind of pay off, and it's not something I'm sure I'll actually use, but it's a great opportunity to meet someone several stages above my current one and network, so I won't be avoiding it at all. Additionally, without feeling pressure from needing to get anything out of it, I think it will be a great chance to have a constructive conversation about a few things that have been on my mind.

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