On Keeping People Up To Date

Ok. I can’t start anymore of these with “Fuck...it’s been a while, I’ll start getting better.” I’m going to just start getting better. I’m going to cheat at it though. I’m going to write less. Substantially less (although this might prove the exception). I’m also going to write far more frequently. Like...daily...

ytho meme

In my current quest to make 2020 awesome I’ve committed myself to a couple of things, one of which is reading 26 books. I’m well on track for that as I’m nearing completion of my second book. That pace puts me on course for 52 books this year, not 26, but I’m still not going to go crazy and end up failing my goal. I’ll stick with the initial plan. This brings us to the ytho.jpg. Currently I’m progressing through the book Atomic Habits by James Clear and it’s hitting me in all the right places I hoped it would when I picked it up. I’m finding myself re-evaluating things I’m currently doing and formulating plans to improve or pickup new habits that I know will be beneficial to myself. Small things. You might call them atomic things.

(I’m not too pleased with that one either, but we’re not going back)

One of the chapters in the book outlines something called the Two Minute Rule. The premise of this is that in order to start a new (hopefully positive habit) you simply “show up”, and let the rest take it from there. Make a habit of showing up, and eventually you’ll stick around longer and longer, regardless of the habit you’re trying to form. In my case, showing up is going to amount to writing a little bit each day. Nothing spectacular. Nothing that may even be worth your time for a bit, but I’m going to commit to writing a single paragraph every day. I’m going to be posting them daily to hold myself accountable to this, and I’m going to build a habit of being a writer.

If you’re actually looking to improve your day to day and drop some bad habits while strengthening or picking up beneficial new ones, I can’t recommend this book enough, but I will plainly state that you’ll only get what you give. Some concepts might just seep in non-consciously, but if you really want to make a change, you really need to make a change, even if they are atomic in nature.

Since I have you, let’s update a couple of other things before we call it a day.

2020 Goal - Professional Developer

  • The exceptionally anxious individual in me actually messaged someone yesterday to setup an internship. I had a rough go last week but I’m feeling pretty good about this week and next with regards to what I need to do to continue this path. Getting an internship is the next stage of this and I’ll feel much better when I have something definitive.

2020 Goal Benchmark - Weigh 250lbs

  • This still sounds like an insane ask of myself, but I’m still chugging along, often literally. As of Monday January 13th I’m weighing in at 317 lbs. I’m working to maintain a certain mindset about this so “goal” isn’t really the right word to use anymore. I’d like to rebrand this to “benchmark”. It dawned on me yesterday after I weighed myself that despite having an endpoint I’d like to reach, the goal I’m actually working towards at this time is continued progression forward. The benchmarks I’m reaching for are 300lbs, 275lbs, 250lbs, 225lbs, and finally 200lbs. Within that realm the goal can change and be reevaluated. Semantically this is basically the same thing, but in order to keep myself from feeling discouraged about being so far away from my “goal”, this PR change gives me a chance to meet my goal weekly, and pass some pretty fucking neat benchmarks along the way.

2020 Hopeful Plan - Start a podcast

  • I’m actually meeting with a friend to discuss how we’ll get this moving in an hour or so. Stay tuned.

That’s all folks. Consider yourself up to date on the shit I’m currently doing and looking forward to. For the mega invested I’ll be posting daily paragraphs starting tomorrow (maybe today, but I’m not set on that just yet) and I’m hoping to build up to larger pieces more regularly. For anyone who has made it this far into this post please reach out and toss me any subjects or writing prompt ideas you think I’d either enjoy writing about or you’d like hearing about from me.

Thanks for hanging out. See you tomorrow!

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